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Welcome to 7th ISFR 2013

International Symposium on Feedstock Recycling of Polymeric Materials (ISFR) is a biennial International symposium focussing on the various processes for the valorisation of polymeric wastes. It aims at bringing together scientists, engineers and other industrial experts from the world to brainstorm on the recent developments in the fields of waste plastic, e-waste and biomass conversion processes. The earlier ISFR events were organized in Japan (Ist ISFR in 1999), Belgium (2nd ISFR in 2002), Germany (3rd ISFR in 2005), Korea (4th ISFR in 2007), China (5th ISFR in 2009), and more recently in Spain (6th ISFR in 2011).

India, a developing nation, has seen a phenomenal increase in the share of plastics in municipal waste and e-waste in the recent years. The non-biodegradable nature of the plastic waste poses serious problems to the environment and hence, recycling and recovery of polymeric residues is the need of the hour. More..

Arrow New  List of Poster Presentation (as on 19th October 2013)  Arrow New  7th ISFR 2013 Technical Program (as on 19th October 2013).  Arrow New  Payment of Registration Fee is Mandatory to attend 7th ISFR 2013.  Arrow New  "Submission of full papers for 7th ISFR 2013 Special issue of JMCWM" 
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December 10, 2016